China Going Global & Its Implications for India

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China Going Global & Its Implications for India

By | March 2011
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Term Paper On

China Going Global
Its implications for India

Submitted by: Group No. 9

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Aashish Singh
Adesh Dalal
Ravi Kumar
Umashankar Vatsa Utkarsh Mishra
Vikram Mayuri

We acknowledge with immense pleasure and our deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to Ms. Megha Chandiok, who acted as a guiding and motivating spirit behind the successful completion of the Term Paper on ‘China Going Global-Implications for India’.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

2) History

3) Growth

➢ Infrastructure
➢ Trucking & rail
➢ Retailing
➢ Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
➢ Services
➢ Manufacturing

4) Indian Economy

5) China’s Economy

6) Comparison

7) Globalization of China

8) Implications for India

9) Future Prospects

10) Conclusion

China Going Global and its implications for India


China’s emergence as a global power has significant implications for India. Its massive investment in manufacturing capacity has put downward pressure on global prices and margins. Now, as India goes through a similar process characterized by historically high rates of growth and further integration into the global economy, it appears that the path that China and India follow will influence the global economy and business environment.

Yet China and India, despite their...

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