China Cinderella

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Chinese Cinderella essay
“Chinese Cinderella”, an autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah, tell us about her experiences in childhood. In the beginning, she is treated as a nobody and nobody ever notices her except her Aunt Baba, Nai Nai and Ye Ye. Near the end of the story, Adeline finds herself in a brighter environment, gaining her father’s trust although Niang still resents her because of her trying to protect her baby half-sister. Texts teach us about the experiences of other people, but what does Chinese Cinderella teach you? Firstly, courage is needed to overcome many types of problems. Although sometimes courage is lost, one can always find a way to defeat problems. One day, Niang asks everyone in her family to go to stay at a luxurious hotel. Everyone agrees to go. Even Ye Ye who would not have gone if not for Niang’s persuasiveness. Only Adeline is left behind. As Victor, son of Niang’s sister, he would not let Adeline stay home by herself. “”In that case,” Victor replied gallantly, “I think I’ll stay and keep Adeline company.” The tone shows that he is obviously upset and alarmed at why Adeline should stay home by herself. This suggests that Victor is kind and caring with a sense of fairness as well. Another example is when Adeline stands up for half-sister being slapped and beaten by Niang. As Adeline sits there watching her poor sister getting beaten, emotions swirl around her head. Then suddenly she screams out,” Don’t beat her anymore! She’s just a baby!” This comment alarms Niang and she grows resentment for Adeline. Her tone shows that Adeline is angry and upset. This also shows that Adeline has the courage to stand up for victims of bullying, even her step-sister. Personal success is also another factor in Chinese Cinderella. Adeline Yen Mah publishes a successful memoir in spite of her childhood pains. An example in the book, Adeline wins the medal for the best in the class every single week. Although her father congratulates her by giving her a bowl...
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