China Buffet vs. Burger King

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China Buffet vs. Burger King Dirty Dining

Today there are more and more reports of dirty dinning in so many fast food restaurants. Any time a person decides to eat out in any type of fast food restaurant they are taking a big risk, and stand a chance of getting sick from the food that they eat.

All fast food restaurants have their own little dirty secrets. Some are clean whereas some are filthy and should be shut down. There are several shows on television today that show how nasty some restaurants can be, and why they have to shut them down. There are two Restaurants that need to be shut down until they can get everything straightened out. One is China Buffet in Cincinnati. The other is Burger King.

It is not always easy to judge a book by its cover. The same things apply to restaurants as well. In Cincinnati the Chinese restaurant was located in a decent enough building yet they had so many problems that once the Health Department shut them down the owners never reopened. This was once a very busy restaurant just imagine how many customers ate dirty food.

Although Burger King is located in a new building and always have built their own restaurants, they are still serving dirty, unsanitary food to their customers. NBC placed hidden cameras inside of these restaurants and witnessed firsthand how all of the employees prepare ready to eat food with their bare hands. The kitchen sink for the employees does not have any soap or paper towels, which means that the employees are not washing their hands before touching the customer’s food. This can result in a lot of different illnesses, one being salmonella poisoning.

Outside of appearances there are also dress codes that are not being followed. Employees should wear hair nets, gloves, and aprons while preparing your food. As well as slip resistant tennis shoes. There are still some employees where house shoes to work.

Upon watching the hidden cameras NBC noticed that employees were...
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