China Bank Internationalisation Project

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China Bank Internationalisation

The project group will comprise the same 5 people as in your ‘presentation’ group on Wednesdays. The project will involve completing the assignment (in hard copy typewritten) to be presented by one of the group and then handed in, on Dec 5th. This will not be part of your course assessment but if any group does not present and hand in the typewritten project, 5 marks will be deducted from the multiple choice test which will precede the presentations on Dec 5th. I will be providing feedback on each of the presentations.

This approach to a project is very similar to what happens regularly in the financial services industry. A project has to be completed, a team is set up (usually with individuals of different skills with different backgrounds and from different countries) who then have to work together to complete the task. Managers then evaluate each team member in such a process on the basis of the quality of the final joint work produced.

China’s banks are trying to internationalise and your task is to help advise a Chinese bank on how to do this. Bank of China, for example, has on its website its ‘Strategic Goal” and other banks have similar goals:

Strategic Goal
Aiming at excellence, sustaining growth and building a first-class international bank.

Strategic Positioning
A large transnational banking group focusing on commercial banking business and providing diversified services integrated both at home and abroad.

Commercial banking focused diversification
With commercial banking business as the core and foundation of the group's development, Bank of China will keep improving its brand popularity and core competitiveness by expanding business network and customer base and enhancing product innovation. By taking advantage of the comparative competitiveness of diversified services for unified customers via unified channels under unified strategy and brand, it will strive to develop various business lines such as investment banking, fund, insurance, investment and leasing so as to create a synergistic effect on the diversified platform in the interest of comprehensive and excellent financial services for customers.

To provide a structure to this advice, you are required to write answers to each of the five topics below (though you need not follow exactly the items in each). Each of the five sections should be not more than 500 words i.e. 2,500 words maximum for the whole project. This will also make it much easier to present each project in class i.e. to read out the paper in class. Also, it will help you understand the need to be concise. Most business papers have an ‘Executive Summary’ at the front of a paper and in the case of this project, the ‘executive summary’ is the actual paper. You will, of course, be likely to write more on your section in the first instance but you will then have to reduce it in size to make this summary the correct length.

Although you may choose to allocate one section to each person in the group, it is VITAL that the quality of English (grammar, spelling), is high throughout. Thus one person who is good at English should check through the whole paper. Also, each section should use the same font and typesize. You should also ensure that each of you understands each of the 5 topics and is able to speak in class about any of them. I may choose any one of you to present and to explain your proposals.

China’s banks are trying to internationalise. You have been employed as consultants to a well-known large Chinese bank. They have asked you to write a report for them as below:

“Until now, we have been principally a domestic financial institution operating in mainland China. We expect that the profitability of our existing domestic business may decline and that our balance sheet size will not increase as fast as before. We are therefore considering trying to internationalise. We need to learn from...
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