China Africa Relations

Topics: Africa, Sudan, African Union Pages: 14 (4506 words) Published: April 11, 2013

1. China’s insatiable appetite for natural resources, oils deposits and other raw materials to power its economic engine questing her to emerge as the new superpower, has catalyzed her desire to engage Africa in her Foreign Policy. This has heightened the Chinese desire to geo- strategic reach into Africa as ‘The Going Global Strategy’ according to (Corkin, 2006). This has been the plan far back in the 1978 eras of Mao Zedong.

2. China’s objective in the new phase of assertiveness is to maintain strong economic ties in Africa, unlike the previous objective of building a coalition of sharing common goals with Africa as ‘Third World’. This geo-economic factor is influenced by the desire for resources to fuel its economic growth and gain energy security. China in strengthening her diplomatic and political ties sees Africa not just as ally to bid for influence and power, but as a source for natural resources. The paper argues that China still has to improve on its diplomacy, domestic suppression of human rights and of speech which are non existence there.

3. This paper acknowledges the Confucius Institutes (state-funded Chinese 'Cultural Centers’) that have sprung up throughout Africa, teaching local people the culture and traditions. One wonders if China is positioning itself for taking over supremacy and advancing his Soft Policy in Africa. It is perhaps important to see our languages and cultures going out there too.

4. The research observes that the China- Africa Cooperation which was aimed at strengthening China’s diplomatic and political ties stared in post colonial Africa. The African plight of political freedom from their colonies, referred to as aggressors according to the Chinese and their desire to have a say in the international arena has given the Chinese a reason to defend their being in Africa. The analysis of the Beijing Consensus verses the Washington Consensus scores some marks for the Chinese in African’s aspirations.

5. The Chinese economic engagement in Africa, the impact of ideational affirmative and geo-economic interests came with some salient points to be discussed. The resource expansion is seen as a central Chinese geo-economic interest and the military interest. The paper elaborates the above to gauge the possibly of the Chinese to be considered a superpower. The achievement of the set goals would indeed qualify China to be a threat to the incumbent US, Europe and perhaps the eastern economic superpowers like Russia.

6. Despite little time available for study, the few books, Journals and publications as well as online information has enhanced this paper. The research would have been refined by questionnaires to some diplomats from Chinese and even to the US Embassies to come up with precise analysis about the Chinese presence in African continent as a rivalry to the West or US.


8. China’s recent economic focus on Africa for resources has generated interest and concerns about its strategic calculations, it should be noted that China’s interest in Africa is not new. Chinese commercial activity on Africa’s East Coast like Tanzania has been traced to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) noted by (Davis, 2007). After World War II and the cultural revolution of the Chinese people, the Peoples Republic of China was established in 1949. China focused on promoting Third World, offering support to the Anti-Colonial movements on the continent.

9. The research argues even though Chinese leaders still remind some countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola that it shared the colonial experience and struggle against the aggressors, China has never been colonised but it was only the cultural differences which nearly torn it apart.

10. More emphasis was on building the ideational solidarity and inter-subjective understandings with African and other Third World countries. This was perceived as leverage that China...
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