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Your research on China is interesting. It is true that China is a big player in the global market and a major importer and exporter of the United States. A bilateral relationship between the two countries is beneficial as United States and China are dependent on each other for many things. Another dimension of culture that is integrated in business is the gender inequality in China. Despite the Chinese law that indicates equal rights for male and female in every aspect of life, gender discriminations is visible in society and thus in business arena. Gender based discrimination is visible in average salary, unemployment rate, and among college graduates and the kinds of employment opportunities (Burnett, 2010). The one child policy has also contributed to the gender inequality in China. “Females are undervalued in Chinese society” (Kamrany and Robinson, 2012) and families are preferring boys over girls. The low cost labor is an attraction for foreign firms to outsource and invest in China. China is able to produce low cost products due to its cheap labor. The low cost labor strategy is not only helping China to attract more foreign firms to invest in the country but also helping the foreign firms’ produce good at low cost.

BURNETT, J. (2010). Women's Employment Rights in China: Creating Harmony for Women in the Workforce. Indiana Journal Of Global Legal Studies, 17(2), 289-318. doi:10.2979/GLS.2010.17.2.289 Kamrany, N. & Robinson, C. (2012, April 04). The global problem of gender inequality. The Huffington Post, Retrieved from
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