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Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, more and more people chose to go abroad to go to the college. However, just as a coin has its two sides, the college entrance examination has its disadvantages and advantages.

As a high school student, we only have one chance to take this test and if we were unfortunately in a bad condition while testing, it will become a huge impact and could influence the futures. Only if one choose to restudy for a year and attend the exam the next year and it would be hard to pull through.

For millions of students in China, besides the examination, they still are able to choose other approaches to make their dreams a reality, but I am concerned, in China, the examination is the only way which is not only fair but also secure. You cannot guarantee to have great success without the college entrance exam, in which case you don’t know whether you can succeed without the exam. On the contrary, if you participate in the examination, the probability of you having a good job and high salary will be higher than the one who doesn’t. For the people who go abroad, I think they miss the opportunities to compete in the classroom to prove themselves. They lose the valuable experience of testing in such a special situation and the unique time that one would spend with their classmates in the last pressing and full year.

On the whole, we can’t deny the fact that the advantages of taking the college entrance examination has far outweighed its disadvantages. It is an arena of the knowledge and capability, a special coming-age ceremony and it helps countless people to become more mature and hardens students’ bodies, minds and hearts. It is supposed to be one of my precious experiences in my life.
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