China's Foreign Trade Reform Process

Topics: Economics, Economy, People's Republic of China Pages: 9 (3407 words) Published: October 13, 2010
China's economic reform goal is to establish a socialist market economic system. In order to achieve this goal, China requires two kinds of resources; domestic resources and international resources; two different markets, domestic markets and the international society for the market; finally, two sets of skills, enter the organizational domestic development skills and developing the ability of foreign economic relations, make China’s economy from a semi-closed turned to take full advantage of international exchange, open economy international division of labor. As the entire economic system reform in a part of the foreign trade reform reflecting this requirement. Reform and opening up to foreign trade of mining, China's rapid development, one of the main reasons is that the reform of the foreign trade system. This paper discus from the point of view of economic history, economic theory and history of related analysis, of the reform of China's foreign trade system, the occurrence of historical background, motives, process characteristics, comprehensive analysis. China's traditional trade system is adapted to the beginning of the founding nation situation as well as internationally. The trading system was under a total control by the Chinese government. This kind of trade system since the date of the establishment to 1978, has not make a corresponding adjustments with national and international situations (1974 trade system within the framework of the original done some changes).Along with an in-depth reform and opening, the original trade system was no longer fit, you must adapt to the new to the whole situation. On China's foreign trade system dealt with quite a few, but the prevalence of the problem is either only an introduction into the process of reform of the foreign trade system, but have not done in-depth analysis: either in theory explains the choice of the foreign trade system, rather than the development of binding to history for analysis. This paper considers the same economic restructuring subject to the same economic change in strategy, the reform of the foreign trade system has to obey, and service change in strategy in foreign trade, the reform of the foreign trade system belongs to a part of economic reform. At the beginning of the founding of the priority given to adapt traditional heavy industrial strategy and the need for planned economic system, China had a highly centralized control system; the system played a certain history. After the reform and opening up, China's economic development into a new phase, prior to the development of heavy industry strategy and began loosening planned economic system, national focus be put into effect the coordinated development strategy, make heavy industry is transferred to the agriculture, light industry and other industries and services track, planned economy of the Socialist market economy, China's foreign trade began to “ oriented import substitution ” “ import substitution ” “ on the basis of export- oriented ”, utilizing comparative advantage, the establishment of an open economy, the development of labor-tight collection industry, traditional-control policy of the foreign trade system also to open trade system changes. We first review of the foreign trade system in 1978 the historical background, historical analysis in other ways, then recited 1978 of the process of reform of the foreign trade system, which in turn on the foreign trade system to carry out the reform progress made in the elaboration, and to the success of the reform of the foreign trade system and further knowledge gap, and finally, the reform of the entire history of the foreign trade system. According to the structural reform of China's foreign trade liberalization and trade system and the progress in reforming the Hoseinee system reform, to the coastal areas in 1988 economic development strategy of offered to flag, can be divided into two large stage. The first part of Chinese...
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