China’s Tourism Resources and Management

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Geog3101 – China’s Tourism Resources and Management

China Field-trip report: Experiencing China:
field observation of the tourism industry

China’s tourism has been growing rapidly over the past decades and it has been taking an increasingly important role in the economic development of China. Shenzhen, which is one of well-developed cities in Southern China, has a thriving tourism industry, attracting an enormous number of visitors from both Hong Kong and the mainland China, if not other parts of the world, each year. 1.Why Choose Shenzhen?

With rich and numerous resources that contributed to the tourism development, Shenzhen has become one of the most important tourism cities in China, following Beijing and Shanghai. Not only visitors from Hong Kong and the Mainland China will be attracted, with the recommendation of “New York Times”, Shenzhen has also attracted countless foreign tourists to leisure. Unlike Hong Kong, Shenzhen’s tourist attractions vary in a diverse manner. Not only does Shenzhen have amusement parks, i.e., Happy Valley, and huge shopping malls, it also has many natural, cultural, historical and religious tourist spots, i.e., the Window of the World and the China Folk Cultural Village. 2.About the trip

A two-days-one-night was spent in Shenzhen alone from 20th April, 2012 to 21st April, 2012. With limited budget, a 3-4 star hotel was chosen, which is the City Inn Longgang Laojie, Shenzhen. For the first day of the trip, 2 accommodations were targeted, including the Happy Valley and Fook Tin Commercial Street. For the second day, the Window of the World and the China Folk Cultural Village were targeted. Without any experience to Shenzhen, mainly train and taxi were used for transportation. 2.2What impressed you the most?

The general price level in Shenzhen is much lower than Hong Kong, especially in Fook Tin Commercial Street. Clothes and souvenirs in Shenzhen are relatively cheaper than those in Hong Kong. For the services provided in Shenzhen like massage, nail-beauty and hair-styling, they are undoubtedly much cheaper than Hong Kong. Unlike Hong Kong, price of goods and services can be negotiable in Shenzhen. Most often, they will charge high at the beginning for trapping the tourists. 2.3What made you think?

Despite the low price level, it is, however, the lack of education towards local citizens and the security problem in Shenzhen which discourage people to travel. In the trip, my backpack was sliced and then my wallet, with over RMB 600 inside, was stolen in the train. By searching in the web, it is common that valuables of the tourists are often stolen in Shenzhen. If problems are not tackled in the near future, it will severely distract the confidence of foreign tourists travelling in Shenzhen, lowering the re-travelling frequencies and thus, tourism industry in China will be affected. Therefore, in this essay, visitors’ security and risk management and education towards local citizens in Shenzhen will be discussed. Comparison between Hong Kong and Shenzhen will also be mentioned. Last but not least, suggestion on relevant issues will be discussed as the improvement of the development of the tourism industry in China. Discussions

1.1What is Visitors’ Risk Management?
Visitor risk management is defined as the systematic identification, analysis and control of the broad range of visitor risks which threaten an agency or its ability to achieve its objectives. It is crucial for managing the outdoor recreation. Four criteria should be included, they are namely risk identification; the prioritization of risk; implementation of control measures to minimize risk; monitoring of control measures to evaluate their effectiveness; and the follow-up response of risk assessment to gauge the degree of risk experienced (Ralf, Natasha, & Michaela, 2001). Four models are basically divided. They are “predictable” or “unpredictable”, and “leisure...
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