Chin Peng

Topics: Mao Zedong, People's Republic of China, Malaysia Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Activity of Chin Peng
Chin peng started his rebellion during the World War 2 when tons of Chinese Malayans took the jungle and fight against the Japanese army. Chin peng and his members were inspired by the Communist Party of China. His teams form a new party that known as the Malayan People’s Anti Japanese Army (MPAJA). Chin peng became the liaison officer between the MPAJA and the British military in South East Asia. The Japanese army began to invade Malaya in December 1941. In 1941, Chin was the junior of three members of the Secretariat of the Perak State Committee: Su Yew Meng was secretary and Chang Meng Ching was the other member. In early 1943 the two senior members were captured by the Japanese, which left Chin Peng in charge. Contact with the Party's Central Committee had been lost; he attempted to re-establish it, travelling to Kuala Lumpur and meeting Chai Ker Meng. In the course of the war, Chin peng was awarded an OBE (subsequently withdrawn by the British government), a mention in despatches and two campaign medals by Britain. He was elected the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya after the betrayal of previous leader Lai Tekwho turned out to be an agent for both the British and the Japanese and had denounced the leadership of the Party to the Japanese Secret Police. Chin Peng was the most senior surviving member. The Malayan colonial administration declared a state of emergency on 16 June 1948 after members of the Communist Party of Malaya killed three European plantation managers at Sungei Siput. The CPM was banned in July. Many Singaporean historians and anti-communists allege that Chin Peng ordered the killings. Chin Peng claims he had no prior knowledge. In fact, he says he was so unprepared for the start of hostility that he barely escaped arrest, losing his passport in the process and lost touch with the party for a couple of days. The resulting civil war became known as the Malayan Emergency which lasted for twelve years...
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