Chimpanzee Behavior

Topics: Human, Chimpanzee, Jane Goodall Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Chimp essay
By Roy Riedel

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives due to the fact that they share ninety eight and a half percent of their dna with us homo sapiens or humans. There are many similarities between chimpanzees and humans. Their behavior as we have come to find out over the many years of research is very similar but also is very different in other ways to that of human beings.

A chimpanzee’s childhood is very much the same as a humans childhood is. They are dependent on their mothers, and the behavior they learn during this period will shape the social skills that they will have and need as they grow into adult chimpanzees. Good chimpanzee mothers are very patient and pay close attention to their young and are always there to lend a helping hand, while at the same time allowing their young to learn through trial and error.

A chimpanzee uses various forms of communication depending on which chimpanzee community you are observing. It is almost like they mimic each other to create a group dialect and the sounds are different in every chimp community. Chimp’s use something called “Pant-Hoots” to identify themselves. Facial expressions are used to communicate such things as aggression, excitement, frustration, playfulness and submission.

Chimpanzee’s male and female have a thing called a social hierarchy. For male chimps there are three different kinds of males the alpha male who is the leader of the group and shows it with brute force. There are beta males who basically serve the alpha male as his gang to assist and protect him. The last one is the gamma male who is the lowest one on the chain of command; they will stay on the outer region of the community and protect it from invading strangers. Gamma males will often try to overthrow the alpha male and appoint one of the gamma males to the alpha position.

In the female hierarchy it is a little bit different it is not run by brute force but by who is the most skillful and who can be good at...
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