Chimney Sweeper Timed Write Ap Lit

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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The Chimney Sweeper Timed Write
These poems have many similarities, but also have some differences. Diction, poetic techniques, and the tones of each poem are some of the similarities and differences. The author’s purpose for writing both these poems is to show how things change from innocence to experience over time, and to show how it affects the people involved.

These poems are similar in the way that the author uses meter, figurative language, and poetic technique. Irony is also a big part of the way the poems can be seen as similar. In the first poem the author writes, “So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.” This is ironic because if the kids do carry their duties out, they will actually be harmed, and will not be safe as the quote implies. Similarly the author uses irony in the next poem, which shows more experience rather than innocence like the first, when he writes, “Who make up a heaven of our misery.” This is ironic because heaven is always thought to be a happy wonderful place, where no one is sad or in pain or anything else of that nature. Another way these poems are similar is the way the author uses symbols. In both poems the colors white and black are used. In the first poem “white hair” shows the innocence, while in the second poem, “A little black thing” is showing the experience and how it has been stained. Other symbols in the poems include lambs, snow, and soot. These represent innocence, purity, and the stain of experience on the innocence of the children. Lastly the meters are the same in each poem, both are anapestic. These poems have many similarities to show the connection between the two different poems and how innocence will change to experience.

Although these poems have many similarities, the author uses differences in each poem to show how things change, and when they change from innocence to experience things are very different. In the first poem you can almost hear a childlike playful tone, it seems as though...
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