Chilis Swot Analysis

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| |Page No. | |Introduction |3 | |Defining the company mission |5 | |Setting company objectives and goals |7 | |Designing the business portfolio and the growth and downsizing |8 | |strategies | | |Planning marketing: Partnering to build customer relationships |9 | |Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Mix |11 | |References |19 | |Appendix |20 |


Villa Traders Sdn. Bhd, will come out with our new product that be said as the product expansionary of the main product which is sauce. In current market, there already have red sauce, Thai sauce, and tomato sauce and now we spread our wings by producing the green sauce. This product will enter the market with the normal price of RM 1.90 for a small bottle and RM 3.90 for a big bottle. As a well known brand, this product can be easily entering a market as Life brand is already commonly known in the market. KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd is as a support service to supply sauces to its KFC chain of restaurant, so this product will close and known to the customer.

In distributing our product we have focus same both local and international market. For malaysian market, we will distribute this greensauce to quantum showcase, smartshop and etc. In doing our promotions, we will do anything to people recognise and aware with our product such as advertising, sales promotion,public relations, personal selling and etc.

As a strategic supplier and partner,Villa Traders can provide you with new ways to compete, improve your effectiveness and identify fresh opportunities in these changing times utilizing our customizing products and experience.


Name of company
Villa Traders Sdn Bhd  (289447-T)

Nature of business
Today, Villa Traders Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of quality authentic and exotic sauces in Mexico. The opening of its new factory in Mexico on a 5-acre piece of land in April 2004 marked a milestone from its humble beginning. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery complemented by the latest technology and a staff of force of 150, Villa Traders Sdn Bhd has a combined capacity of producing 7.0 metric tones of sauces per hour. Villa Traders manufacturer’s sauces under the brand name of Green Mexican Souce, Green Mexican Souce Kitchen, Best's and Best Choice. Green Mexican Tomato Ketchup and Chili Sauce from Villa Traders are so popular that they are served in bottles and sachets exclusively at major international restaurants chains like KFC, Pizza Hut and many other popular fast-food operators in Mexico. Its range of Green Mexican Souce Kitchen ready-to-cook paste and Green Mexican Oriental sauces provide never-ending ideas on popular traditional dishes without the need to spend hours on pounding and blending.

Industry Profile
Green Mexican Souce is for those who love good food. Who enjoy cooking and...
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