Chilean Minors

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Chilean Minors Discussion

October 31, 2012

Chilean Minors Discussion
Communications must be designed with an audience in mind, especially during a crisis situation. A great example would be when 30 Chilean workers were trapped underground when the mine they worked in collapsed. Some of the audience(s) to keep in mind would be the employee families, other company employees, the media, and the government; city, state, national. Additionally investors in a publicly traded company need to be considered. Each of these audience members need to be addressed in a variety of ways that are equally important. The potential needs of the families in a situation like the mine collapsing in Chile would be; ensuring the families that all avenues of rescue are being discussed and evaluated. In a crisis like this situation families are going to want to know what is being done to bring their loved ones back home safely. People can become irrational in a time like this and are going to want to place blame on someone even if the situation is truly an accident. I think the smartest way to approach communications with the families would be; ensure that the families know as a company you’re exploring all options of rescue while emphasizing the safety of their loved ones. Additionally communicating to the families what’s being done “in the mean time” to keep them alive and as safe as possible. Keeping the families up to date on everything daily in addition to providing an outreach hotline to the families should be provided as a way to help the families cope with the situation. The potential needs of the company’s trapped employees would be food, water and communication to family. These minors were trapped underground for nearly 30 days. Food and water are basic necessity of survival. Medical supplies would also be required as the employees would need means to self medicate and self bandage. Communication to the family would be needed as a way to keep morale high...
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