Chilean Mining Rescue

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Integrated Leadership Perspective –Individual Assignment


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This issue engulfs around the month of August in the year 2010 .There was a collapse of a hard rock at the Chile’s Century –old San Jose Mine. This collapse buried 33 miners beneath it rising allot of questions against the security of the People working there and also at the management’s work procedure. Yet the coordination of the rescue workers above the ground and the trapped miners below the ground lead to a leading example of human survival and ingenuity (hope) in most critical of situations. It took duration of 17 days to accomplish the difficult

Codelco is known to be the largest copper producing company in the world.

The San Jose Mine had been operational since 1889 which means that from a long period of time it was into action . * In 2007 the death of a geologist during a mine accident * the issue of outdated maps and missing escape ladders and absence of back up exits was impended

Now about the issue:

1. First 24 hours
Luis Urzua(Above the ground)who immediately runs for refuge when he gets to know about the accident.
: Mario Sepulveda(39 years old ) and Mario Gomez(63 years old) above the ground> * Both of them felt the urgency to bring some help into action
* Richard Villarel drove a pickup truck and filled all the broken pieces of the rock with tires and oil filters and ignited them in hope that the smoke will alert the rescue workers.
challenges for days 2-5

Below the ground
The 52 year old Jose Henrique urged everyone to start their day with praying to god. * The miners underneath started making noises by honking horns and hitting metals on metals.. * On day 4 Bathroom rules were established. They emptied Oil tanks for Human wastes. When full, the tanks will be covered with dust and gravel. * Day 5 was more positive. Miners prayed together and made soup out of tuna Cans. Their intake of food reduces just till 100 calories. This was an attempt to save food for further usage.

Challenges above the ground : day 2-5

* Golborne, CEO , arrived at the mine at 2am. He saw the people in immense shock. * On august 7 thPinera reached the mine. Although he was advised not to come but like a perfect leader and handled the dismantled minds of the family members.

Walter Veliz, General Manager of geology and in charge of drilling was called to the location. He took Marcos Bermudez along .He was trained in ‘ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP and had an experience of more than 25 years.

Below the ground DAY6-13
* On august 10 th the drilling effort commenced. But it was not started with the same positive feel that it was intended to. The miners knew that it would take a miracle to accomplish the same * The miners decided to reduce 1 meal till 36 hours. They knew the requirement of the crisis. * This happened by the 9th day. The miners wrote letters to their loved ones. They shared their dreams that were not been able to accomplish. Like Franklin Lobos , a former soccer star wanted to open a Nonprofit organization and so on.

Above the ground Day 6-14
* On august 11 th FELIPPE MATTHEWS a geologist arrived at the venue. * He advised to plan the rescue parallel to the drilling operations. * Cruz called the accuracy test.. They were in a direct contact with the expert named MIGUEL FORTT. * A visual profile of each drilling effort was created and showed to the drilling supervisor and head. * This new process of continuous feedback on the drill profiles was beneficial. * The drill profile created a data and which gave a direction to the drilling .

Below the ground day 14-16

* The trapped miners...
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