Chilean Miners

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Chilean Miners – Business Communication

Chaz J. Robbins
William Omar Sánchez
Marilys Robles
Frankie Bibiloni
University of Phoenix
September 21, 2011
Sr. Gabriel Medina Medina

Chilean Miners – Business Communication
Compañía Minera San Esteban Primera
1921 Fidel Oteiza OF. 806 Provedencia Santiago, Chile
Tel. +56 2 223 9116Fax. +56 2 223 8880

Compañía Minera San Esteban Primera
1921 Fidel Oteiza OF. 806 Provedencia Santiago, Chile
Tel. +56 2 223 9116Fax. +56 2 223 8880

August 9, 2011

My esteemed personnel,
As you have no doubt already been informed, there is a situation occurring in our San José copper and gold mining facility. I am here to let you know the real details of what is happening and tell you how we are handling the current situation. The setting is the following. On Thursday August 5th, 2010 around 3 o’clock a landslide, estimated at 400 meters depth, left 33 of our miners trapped. We immediately sent a warning to the fire station in Copiapó Caldera, Diego de Almagro Chañaral, and Police officials of the Special Operations Group. The National Service personnel of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) and business rescue miners have been present and are helping determine rescue strategies with other field experts. We have begun to assess the situation in conjunction with the Regional Governor, Ximena Matas, Governor Nicolas Noman and emergency personnel. So also the Minister of Mining, Laurence Golborne, will be supervising the rescue work. Rescuers of mining companies, led by André Sougarret, manager of the El Teniente mine, will lead the rescue. We are doing everything humanly possible to not only know the state of our partners, but also rescue them alive. We know that working in the mining business can often be hard and cruel. What has happened to our 33 fellow miners is an extreme case of an “industrial sacrifice accident”. We want to state that the prosecutor has already begun the process of collecting...
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