Chilean Mine Collasps

Topics: Mining, Chile, Chilean people Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Chilean Mine Collapse

Chilean Mine Collapse
In Chile, on August 5, 2010, a collapse inside a main access tunnel of a mine trapped 33 miners inside (Parry & Retther, 2010). The miners were trapped at a depth of at least 700 meters (Weik, 2010). There were 32 Chileans men and one Bolivian man trapped in the old gold and coppers mine (Parry & Retther, 2010). The miners estimated that they would not be rescued for four months. The miners had to receive emergency food and supplies through a bore hole. Around 2 p.m., Raul Villegas had just finished filling the truck with rocks when he heard a loud crack (Yang 2013). Being at least 700 meters below the surface with dust filling the cavern did not affect Villegas because the sounds of collapsing rocks and the dissatisfaction of the earth was something that Villegas was used to hearing. Villegas proceeded to do his job as he passed a fellow miner Frank Lobos, in which he was walking down the mine to get some men for lunch (Yang, 2013). As Villegas proceeded closer to the surface, cloudy grime overtook the truck enclosing him in dirt and gloom. As he began to see the surface there was a massive collapse (Yang, 2013). After the collapse, Villegas rushed from the mine onto the surface. After this incident occurred Villegas reported it to the supervisor, but it took hours later before he would notify authorities (Yang, 2013). Upon being trapped in a mine the 33 workers were anonymous because there were a bunch of the miners trying to make a living shaving away at the rocks. A century ago miners that were trapped were considered a lost cause. If the mine was caved in then the miners would hammer crosses into the ground. Because of this theory miners in the area started placing wooden crosses outside the entrance. For the saving team, leaving the 33 miners to decease in that pit-hole was not a possibility (Yang, 2013). Villegas and other miner workers was sent down the mine but after getting 400 meters,...
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