Chilean Mine Collapse

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Chilean Mine Collapse

By | August 2011
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Chilean Mine Collapse|
Barbara Durham|
Week 4|

When dealing with various people in the audience you need to consider how much you need to tell them and exactly what it is you are going to be telling them. As with the Chilean mine collapse, you want to keep them up dated and optimistic of the outcome of their friends and family members trapped in the mine. You are dealing with people of a different culture, background, and many different beliefs than your own. You do not want to frighten them into thinking they might die in the collapsed mine.

The company had much on its plate at this time, how to keep the families of the miners calm and reassured and how to keep the employees the same way. They needed communications between the families and employees. The families of the miners receiving any type of message about their loved ones trapped would need to know that they are all ok and that the mining company was doing all it could to reach them as soon as possible. They would also need to know that their needs were going to be taken care of as well until the mining company got all things straightened out. Set up an information system, a place where they can get needed information each day with all updates concerning the miners. Tell them of what needs of the miners are being met as they prepare a way to get them out of the rubble. Reassure them that if they are in need of something someone will be available to help them as well. “By the next morning, relatives and reporters had begun arriving on the site, demanding answers. A handful of pirquineros, or independent miners, later showed up with shovels and machines, pledging to sacrifice their own lives to dig out the trapped men. After the special operations squad failed a second time to enter the mine, the Chilean government began to assemble its own rescue team. It recruited the help of Codelco, the state-owned mining company and the largest copper producer in the world. One...

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