Childs Aggressive and Violent Movies: Is There a Connection?

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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We live in a society that dignifies and makes violence seem like an acceptable part of life. However, studies and research suggest that not just parents are to blame for this epidemic. This paper will attempt to justify and defend the belief that a child’s viewing of violence in movies leads to an increase in violence and aggressive behavior. It will also provide evidence to support the theory of positive correlation between violence in movies having a negative impact on human behavior. This paper will provide evidence from studies of children viewing violent movies, strategies that parents can use to stay informed and how to suppress aggressive behavior expressed by their children, and how this epidemic unless stopped has the potential to damage American society as a whole. What Could Be To Blame?

Many scientific studies seem to substantiate the belief that children who watch violent movies have increased amounts of violence in general towards other people. Children who had just watched a violent movie showed to have much higher on physical assault and other types of aggression”(Escobar, Anderson 2008). Other experiments have shown that exposure to media violence can increase aggressive thoughts, aggressive emotions, and tolerance for aggression, all known risk factors for later aggression and violent behavior. In order to resolve any problem, whether it is psychological or physical one must find out the cause of the issue and to try to fix it. In an article entitled Violence In The Media, And How It Effects Families, child psychologist Dr. Debra Kowalski, explains, "With children having so much exposure to the media, the messages that come across… are very important, and they determine how a child sees the world and what a child sees as important. …A lot of the messages related to violence and sexuality can negatively impact a child"(Violence in the media—How does it affect families? 2001). As noted in her research, children are particularly negatively...
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