Childrens Sports

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Essay “Children Sports”
Albano Cela
English 111-College Writing 1
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Children Sports
Usually, playing a game is much more fun comparing to practicing professional sports by children. Sports at a younger age are usually enforced by parents and are accompanied with negative physical effects as well as negative psychological effects. Parents play the main role while assisting their child toward their future . However, there are always present negative physical effects that damage the child. Also, the same are the negative psychological effects that are associated with these sports. Some people might just see the positive side of these sports but there are much more negative things to be mentioned. The ones who introduce their children to sports are most of the time parents. Parents role is to be supportive whether or not their child does well or does poorly. When children burn out of sports, it is usually the fault of the parent putting on too much pressure for instant success instead of allowing for losing to be a learning experience. Sometimes parents at the game yell all the time at their kid, and really get mad at their children if they lose. Its easy to tell how it affects the kid. He will be so afraid to make a mistake and he will always be listening and looking in stands to the parent. Support is always good, but to live through their child is something parents do too often and is taking things way too far. As Paul R.Strieker says, “Many parents and coaches try to push their youngsters to achieve that extraordinary ability at an even younger age. This approach can be unhealthy and can lead kids to specialize too early in a particular activity.”(109) Parents often try to be their child’s coach too as well. They are not experts, and can often teach incorrect techniques that make a child less successful in their sport. Knowledge of correct skills and technique is critical for success. Soccer is an excellent example of how...
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