Childrens Right to Access the Internet

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Before I start I have a question to put to the audience, please raise your hand if you think that parents should prohibit children’s access to the Internet. I am a firm believer in the right of children to have generous access to the Internet. ”Copywriter”, her username on used to be one of those single – home alone mums who had two children to look after and also had to work full time as a nurse. She barely made enough money to feed the children every day and spent next to no time with her 11 year old boy and 6-year-old daughter. She was desperate. One ordinary day – when everything began to change - she found an ad saying “ Earn money online”, intrigued copywriter went to check it out. Now she is a full time blogger after creating 6 successful blogs, which enables her to stay home and talk with her children and never have to worry about a meal at dinner. She has traveled the world and experienced things she never would have without the income from her blogs.

Children nowadays (generation Z) are born into a world surrounded with the Internet and technology, unlike their generation X parents for whom the Internet is not as integrated into their life. By taking away their right to Internet, you are depriving them of the many opportunities to learn skills and gain knowledge on the web.

People have argued that children should not have free access to the Internet. This is a problem.

For example, Knowledge websites such as Wikipedia have replaced the traditional encyclopedias even to the extent that Encyclopedia Britannica has gone out of business. The web has become a key source of information. The Internet holds a vast range of tutorials available at no cost on a raft of subjects. I myself learnt a series of card tricks that are sure to amaze! Many parents do not seem to grasp this technological world we live in – this is a problem.

Software developers, program coders and server hosts are among the top 10...
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