Childrens Book Moral: the White Wolf

Topics: A Good Thing, Gray Wolf, 2005 singles Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 3, 2013
When three animals are taken out of their home it is a bad situation. If these animals are wolves, the situation also becomes dangerous. A to Z Mysteries, The White Wolf by Ron Roy is a children’s book about four kids and one of the kid’s parents. While looking through a telescope, one of the kids is Abby, who is in a wheelchair, and manages to spot 3 wolf pups being taken from their mom. Three of the kids (Ruth Rose, Josh, and Dink) who are accustomed to solving mysteries together work to try and reunite the wolf family at their den. Ron Roy crafted this book in a way to show young kids that it is important to know how to properly treat animals.

Ron Roy shows in this book the consequences of treating animals cruelly, and that it is vital to stop this from happening. This lesson is important to teach to children at a young age. When the game warden is talking to the kids about what they saw, she says, “taking animals out of Acadia National Park is illegal” (Roy 24). This is a way of telling the kids that they did the right thing by reporting this incident to officials. By having an adult tell them this, the children learn that it is the wrong thing to do. Kids need to learn right from wrong and this book is a good way of teaching it. Furthermore, at the end of the book after the kids have returned the pups, the game warden commends them by saying, “If it hadn’t been for you, they would have gotten away with it”(Roy 82). By having an adult commend the children in this way, it teaches the readers that it is a good thing that they did. Without the children, the thieves would have succeeded with their plan of selling the pups for thousands of dollars each. Instead, their boss “fired them on the spot and called the authorities to arrest them”(Roy 81). By giving the thieves a severe enough consequence to leave them jobless and in jail, the message that they were undoubtedly wrong in their actions was very easy to see. The kids were right to help stop the...
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