Childrenn Under 15 Shouldn't Have Facebook Pages

Topics: Learning, Facebook, Abuse Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Children under 15 shouldn’t have Facebook pages-By Andrew Vassiliou-8A Facebook and children is a bad idea. Do you believe that kids under 15 should be allowed a Facebook account? That's the actual age decision should be up to the parents. The rule is subject to individual will or judgment and also silly. With supervision, you can still have control over who they friend, what they publicize, and they can learn the dangers in a safe environment, or, rules are rules. The internet especially Facebook is a dangerous place and kids need restrictions. I am against the kids under 15 having Facebook pages for these reasons listed. First of all, children should learn actual social skills before using social media. Kids should be reading, learning math and science, writing stories and playing outside. If kids under 15 start using Facebook he/she became addicted to it and their will (mostly) become zero in studies and 80% on Facebook (or even more).Ten and eleven year old children are on Facebook and don't even know why, they just think it is cool and then they are out of their parent's hair for hours on end. What a waste for a teenager’s mind to sit in front of a computer and rot their minds reading Facebook pages. They do it enough with TV, so why add the addiction of Facebook? Kids need to be playing out and interacting with others kids face to face, not competing for the most friends on their Facebook page or leaving them open to bullying or even worse, suicide. Also, (if anyone remembers their parents telling them how they grew up), kids have no filter between their brains and their mouth. Now with this new technology, you've given them another way to attack each other outside of school (and of course they do.) Cyber bullying has become a MASSIVE problem and because of this, children have killed themselves (suicide, bashings) because they cannot get away from the abuse. Due to the fact that the percentage of teens committing themselves to the Internet is at an all-time...
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