Children with Gay/Lesbian Parents: Will They Live the Same Lifestyle as Their Parents?

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 6 (1950 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Children with Gay/Lesbian Parents: Will they live the same lifestyle as their parents?

What I Already Know/What I Want to Know
As of this year, about seven states have legalized gay marriage. California, New York and New Hampshire are just a few of the states that recognize and allow gay marriage. It has taken years for homosexual to get the privilege to be legally bound to someone they love. Just like the old playground song, "First comes love then comes marriage then comes the baby in a baby carriage." Like every other couple, homosexual couples look forward to having children, but not everybody agrees with that. Every time something is done that other people don't agree with there are questions. How will they have a child? How will they raise that child? Are they even fit parents? Will the child grow up to be "normal"?

I already knew that for a homosexual couple do have option to having children. Just like other couples they have the options of; seragacy, adoption or a gestational carrier. I even know that many homosexuals are people who are previously divorced from a heterosexual partner.

Still there is so much more to be learned about homosexual parents and their children or future children. I needed to know more about if this really did effect the children as much as people say. Are theses children doing as well in school as children with heterosexual parents? Will children of homosexual parents become homosexual themselves?

I made a list of all the things I wanted to know. From that list, I was able to form my research question: Will a child's parents sexuality preference doom them to be unfit students and even chose their parents sexuality? Later, I was able to form an answer.

The Story of My Search
It took me a very long time to get any where with my search, about two weeks to be exact. My search began when I stumbled on an article by Alice Park called "Study: Children of Lesbians May Do Better Than Their Peers." The article caught my interest almost immediately. The article provided me with minimal statistics about how children of homosexual parents do in school. I still needed more information about how these children are effected by have homosexual parents, whether it is good or bad.

From that point I went to google and searched children of homosexual parents to see what kind of results I would get. To my surprise about 357 sites where listed down my screen. I chose to use a article from, I have heard of the website and was sure that the information would be accurate. After reading the article I knew I had to be write, it quoted other authors and even had sites at the bottom of the page for information they had not come up with themselves.

Not all my research came with good results. In the fourth day of my search I clicked on a web site that I thought would be creditable, but all I came up with was fake statistics disproving all the information I had gotten from the other site. After clicking around I found that the website was written by an activist against homosexuals having children. Although the website was non creditable it give me some information I had to look into. A book, Families Like Mine: Children of gay parents tell it like it is, was the main focus of his rant.

The next week I went to the library near my house to see if the book could have any helpful information for me to use. I went right to the librarian because I knew she could tell me where to find the book I was looking for. Before she Showed me to the book we where talking about my topic. Te librarian had told me that growing up one of her good friends had two mothers. She continued to tell me that her friend went on to become a chemical engineer and marry a wonderful man with whom she has three children. For the next twenty minutes I asked her a couple questions that I thought would help me find the answer to my question. About five questions later she directed me to a website called...
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