Children with Disabilities

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  • Published : May 15, 2008
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There is always more than meets the eye when spotlighting different realms. I wanted this paper to meet more than just the standards set by my professor. I wanted to be able to lean towards or away from a career choice. Being able to step outside of my own world into one where I would truly try to understand people with disabilities in their lives was what I had chosen. Spending a day in the Mary Cariola Children’s Center allowed me to do this by interacting with children at various different levels and learning disabilities. I have quite a bit of knowledge on children with special needs but have never truly been able to interact with them further than my cousin who has been confined to a wheelchair (for reasons unknown to any doctor). When a child has a disability it becomes their master status. A master status is one that cuts across each other statuses you hold. Throughout this day I was able to speak and interact directly with three main children. One of my teachers from high school had a son with autism who I knew was in the Mary Cariola Center. Due to this I was able to set up a day long volunteer/observation experiment. I was explained a breakdown of their day and how these children were here because their families could no longer provide the help necessary to take care of them. I could not imagine being so excited to have a child only to learn you cannot provide for them what they need to live a fulfilling life. I can only imagine what this could possibly feel like being a parent and having to do this. Upon arriving I was taken on a tour of the facility where I was able to see many children in their own familiarity. In the beginning I was told to stay “behind the scenes” let the children slowly discover I was there for themselves. This was so I could first simply observe before interacting and allow the children discover me. For a while none of the students noticed I was there but slowly there were a couple whispers and children wondering who I was....
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