Children with Disabilites

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Explain the basics of the game/activity that you chose and how it is usually played.  Give an analysis of how it specifically violates at least one of the Four S’s.  Finally, include a detailed explanation on how you would modify and adapt this activity so that it meets all of the Four S’s: safe, success, satisfying and skill appropriate. It might be that the activity would need to be completely revised and a new activity would need to take its place in order to not violate the Four S’s.  In that case, explain which activity you would use to replace this one. The game that violates the 4 S's rules is musical chairs.  The object of the game is to turn on music and there are 1 more people standing than there are chairs. The people are waiting to go around in the circle when the music begins. When the music is cut everyone is supposed to sit in the nearest chair.  The person left standing is eliminated out of the game. The game continues to follow that suite until there is only one person and one chair left. This game the safety rule of the four S's. It also violates the success of the children because they are not accomplishing the skill that is placed in front of them due to the chairs being taken away at the end of the song break. This also is not a satisfying to the children to feel discouraged because they may have been eliminated from the game. While each person is trying to get into a chair this leads to people pushing each other and them falling on the floor. The way I could modify this game I can make sure there are enough chairs as people and no one will be at risk of getting hurt. Everyone will enjoy the game because everyone will be a winner.

In the game Musical Chairs all 4 of the four s’s are being broken in this game. Musical chairs were put in the hall of shame for more reasons than just safely. There is really no physical activity in this game just walking around and around until the music stops. And yes children get carried away when they...
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