Children Stay at Home for Entertainment

Topics: Vitamin D, 21st century, Life Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Children stay at home for entertainment

The twenty first century held many changes for our life . This changes are different and multifarious . as well as this covered all aspects of life. The most effect was on the children that changed their life completely different rather than previous generation . Those children become spend a large amount of time inside their homes , playing computer games and watching television , rather than playing games and sport outside . This phenomenon is disturbing many people, therefore they ask what are the benefits , and what are the drawbacks in this case. This essay will talk about these views.

To begin with ,there are two reasons may be most advantages for the children spend a large of time inside their home. Firstly , It is clear that children who spend more time at home for entertainment will be more safe from those who spend time outside, which may causes for them risk of theft or assault. Secondly , Children sit at home a long time help them to avoid many bad practices such as smoking or drug.

On the other hand , there are many drawbacks in this instance , firstly , children who spend bulk of time inside their home, that means they will disappear from the sun for a long time, it may result in they have deficiency in vitamin D , which the sunlight is natural source for it , "kids tend to stay indoor more days and play on their computers instead enjoying the fresh air . This mean their vitamin D levels are worse then previous years "(S.Peace 2010)[1]. Consequently it lead to some diseases such as rickets , which this practice blamed for increasing numbers of children suffer from it . As well as these figures dismayed some scientists as well according to professor T Cheetham from Newcastle university[2] . Secondly, stay a long time in front of screen lead to fitness that the most common diseases among children.

In conclusion can the children of new century enjoying with a new technologies...
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