Children Should or Should Not! Be Paid for Good Grades

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  • Published : January 5, 2012
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Children should or should not be paid for good grades?
I believe that children should not be paid for good grades for several reasons. First of all, To get good grades depend on how each student learns and handles with the result he or she will receive at last. According to Sylvia Rimm, a child psychologist, money does not play an important role in achievement but consistency does. To illustrate, successful students always try to maintain their scores with unchangeable effort while others who once fail give up easily because they believe that there is no second chance to get rewards and compliment. Another reason is that paying for good grades does not mean paying for any knowledge at all. Like a case of Kasama and her 13-year-son, each grade in the report card has its price - laptop, cellphone, portable DVD player and even money. Thus, many children are so eager to have tutorials just to get 'A's and then what remain in their heads will be soon replaced with what they want and eventually receive as a prize. Finally, paying for good grades can ruin children's confidence. For instance, I had never pay for better better grades until high school when almost all of my friends paid for tutorials. I felt like I could not be good enough without taking extra courses in spite of the fact that I could succeed my self-studying. To sum up, with these reasons given above, a lot of money should not be spend on getting only good grades.
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