Children Should Choose Their Own Toys

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Children should choose their own toys
Children should choose their own toys, let them or no this is a very good question. But I supposed this is so better to entrust to the parents because they know what is it good for their children and I support this view for a variety of reasons.

The first one and the most important reason because we may not allow it the children to choose their own toys is that cause they are easily influenced by televisions commercials and other advertisings what is not a good thing because they can put a pressure on parents to buy useless and unsuitable toys and in general in television commercials things like that are advertised what is not bought.

Another major reason to do not let children to choose their own toys is the fact that they can choose something what is too expensive and many parents may not allow it themselves to buy very expensive toys, and just because something is expensive does not mean that is good and useful, we should select toys sensibly and creatively rather.

The third reason that’s it that since they can choose a toy what is not suitable to their age or something what is dangerous, because many toys are dangerous for young children, some are made toxic or flammable materials.

But I say it in their protection that it not bad thing if we listen to it and sometimes let them to choose they own toys because that joy what you cause with this for them it is absolutely fantastic.

In conclusion, I believe that we may not allow it the children to choose their own toys because young children do not have the maturity to choose an appropriate toy for themselves we entrust this to the parents.
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