Children Should Begin Learning a Foreign Language as Soon as They Start School.

Topics: Second language, Language education, Language school Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: August 1, 2012
It is strongly believed that the role of language in our life is taken for granted. Can you speak English? This question was the first question that asked me to answer that when I wanted to apply to the University of Birmingham. I could not answer this question properly because my English language was very weak and I believed that this is because of my school that could not learn to me foreign language. So I personally agree and I am firm to this statement " children should begin learn foreign language as soon as they start school". Here in this essay an attempt is made to state that communication and continuing education need to foreign languages.

First of all, in this century, Internet changes people's communication and relationships among all around the world. For example, the Facebook is the bigger network societies that people can speak and chat with together. As you know, this network society and other details of Internet need to foreign languages such as English language mostly. As a result if you want to convey with other people around the world or uses Internet, you should learn foreign languages specially English, so the children should learn to foreign languages as soon as that can use Internet.

Moreover, there are a lot of big and appropriate universities around the world that students can continue their educations at these but the majority of this universities need to foreign language like English to application. For instance, I have a strong resume and letter of recommendation that maybe I can admitted to the best universities of Canada but my English language is very weak and I have not had a good TOEFL iBT score until now to get application from this universities. It was because of my bad school in childhood that did not learn to me English language and my foundation language is very weak. So the children should oblige to learn foreign languages whom they can continue their studies at other universities.

In the final analysis, considering...
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