Children Physical Health and Wellness

Topics: Obesity, Hypertension, Childhood obesity Pages: 7 (2071 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Alyssa Leonard

Senior Social Studies – 1st Hour
Mr. Maves
December 18, 2012
In today’s society, children’s health is a serious issue because they are vulnerable to becoming obese, they are becoming less physically active, and some may have genetic health problems. I. Obesity

A. Statistics
B. Parental obesity
II. Physical Activity
A. Children obesity
B. Low self-esteem
III. Genetic Health Problems
A. Becoming obese
B. Having low self-esteem
IV. Refutation
A. Physical Activity(Health)
1. Too much exercise
2. Not enough food (anorexia)
B. Obesity
1. NOT the parents fault
2. Children not knowing when to stop

Children in today's world are becoming obese more and more. In too many cases, childhood health is not taken as seriously as it could be. If a child is, or is likely to become obese, what should people do? They should take extreme precautions when it comes to their children's health. Precautions may help them become healthy adults, and stay healthy children. Children's health is a serious issue in this world. Children are extremely naïve and do not yet know the meaning of obesity or physical activity. They are vulnerable to just about anything that this world has accumulated to. There are people everywhere who can influence a child's mind. Statistics show, “Currently, 31.7 percent of youth aged two to nineteen are overweight or obese, with 16.9% being greater than or equal to the 95th percentile of the 2000 body mass index (BMI) for age growth charts.”(Barrett 536). Also, some children fail to be as physically active as possible, causing (partially) childhood obesity (Lanigan 369). Obesity affects existing disorders, in fact, one out of every five people who are obese is affected by the disorder known as “Syndrome X26” (Obesity par. 9). In today’s society, children’s health is a serious issue because some may have genetic health problems, they are less physically active as children, and they are vulnerable to becoming obese.

First, children health issues, mostly genetic, can have an effect on the child's physical appearance and physical wellness. If one has a disease from birth, or develops symptoms at a young age it may lead to an unhealthy child and eventually, an adult. There are about 4 million babies born each year, and about three or four percent have a genetic disease in their families or are born with a major birth defect (Matthews par. 3). There are many genetic disorders, but the most common around the world are Spina bifida, Down syndrome, and Sickle cell anemia. Allow me to elaborate more on these three most common genetic disorders (Matthews par. 2).

The most common of those is Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome, is a disease that a baby is born with. When the baby is born with down syndrome, it means that they have one extra 21st chromosome. Chromosomes are tiny genes in your body that determine what you look like and define who you are. Usually, babies are born with only 46 chromosomes, but just one extra chromosome can cause down syndrome. Symptoms of Down syndrome can vary from being very mild to extremely deadly. The development of the brain and body is usually slower in people with Down syndrome than those without it (“Facts” par. 2-4).

Lately, in the world today, people with Down syndrome have been living longer than expected. As many children are limited when it comes to mental and physical wellness, they are still able to become active and productive adults. Nearly half or more of the children dealing with Down syndrome are diagnosed with heart problems at birth. Heart problems including, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, and also, endocardial cushion defects. The most severe heart problems may, and, or have lead to death in the child's early years of life (“Down” par. 1-19).

Childhood obesity still concerns many public health agents today, especially high poverty and low income families. In schools, there have even been new...
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