Children on Facebook

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Children on Facebook
Too many children are on Facebook. Do the parents know what they are looking at? Should a child be allowed to be part of a website where so much personal information is exchanged and exposed to unlimited negative publicity? As we all know the Facebook phenomenon has spread like wildfire making it almost a necessity and its availability to everyone. Even though it may be the popular site of today, children on Facebook can fall victims to those who prey on vulnerable children on this social networking site. As a parent, I believe that children need to be more closely monitored by their parents. I strongly believe that children on Facebook can easily be influenced and affected by what others post, whether it may be about them or someone else. “The greatest danger to teens on social media is not what they do online, but rather what others do and say about them.” (The Dangers of Facebook”, 2011). Another example that I found is something called cyber bullying. I have a co-worker who had to experience this first hand. He told me that his daughter fell victim to cyber bullying from students at school. The situation got to the point where his daughter attempted several times to cut her arm with a knife. This was brought to the attention of the parents whose kids were bullying and had no idea that their kids where posting comments about her on Facebook. “Cyber bullying is the deliberate use of Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites to harass individuals. This repeated behavior from one group or individual to another can have devastating consequences, and, worst case scenarios, some victims will even attempt suicide.” (“Facebook Dangers for Kids”, 2013) Understandably, parents cannot monitor a child’s every move, but can prevent a child from having limited access to Facebook if security measures are taken on your Internet usage by blocking and only allowing limited access to information. Facebook allows the freedom of information to be...
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