Children of a Lesser God

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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This was an amazing story that I enjoyed watching. I have seen it advertised in the past but thought I really wouldn’t like it, but was wrong. This story helps show how people’s beliefs can change their whole lives, both for the good and the bad. When Mr. Leeds came to the school, his main goal was to teach his students how to talk by using words. I believe the Principal had thoughts that he was going to cause an upheaval by changing things but it made the school better and gave the students more pride in themselves. Mr. Leeds helped them understand that by ‘feeling’ the beat of the music, they could learn to dance as well as sing along with it. His one main problem, though, was that he felt everyone wanted and needed to talk and found out he was very wrong. Deaf people have different feelings, beliefs and needs like everyone else which is hard for those of us that are ‘hearing’ don’t understand. In order to learn about their needs and desires we need to try and ‘get inside their heads’ and understand them. Not all Deaf people feel the need to speak verbally and why should they? All cultures have their different ways of speaking, customs and beliefs and we should learn as much as possible about each one that we are involved in. Sara had been treated unfairly for most of her life, because of her deafness, and so it was hard to understand that he just wanted to help her. Mr. Leeds didn’t understand that the best way to help her was to just accept her as she was. Finally, they decided to work together and find the best way to help each other understand about both ways of thinking. Thersea Adams ASL 1140 February 28, 2012
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