Children of War in Africa

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Critical Writing
January 29th 2013
Children of War in Africa
In the news and magazines, you commonly hear all about the troubles in Africa, the starvation and diseases. What you don’t hear about is the children who are faced with war, the children who don’t have a voice.  Around the world there are over 250,000 youth being forced to become child soldiers (Military); they are taught to be cruel and believe what they are taught is right. This injustice is occurring on a large basis, most commonly throughout Africa, where children are recruited incredibly young, lack education, become thieves, and indulge in child prostitution. Children are becoming real soldiers in conflicts instead of playing with toy soldiers. These children are being denied their childhood and instead are given a violent and gruesome role to play in a brutal war. These children are fighting wars that they had no responsibility in creating; they are fighting in wars created by their elders. They are denied their basic rights of being carefree children as well as denied the rights of enjoying their childhood by attending school, playing with friends, and living in a secure environment. Many are being abducted from their homes and are forced to join military forces either by government or rebel forces. These children are traumatized, vulnerable, and forced into committing horrific acts of violence, just so that they can ensure their own survival. Poverty, injustice, displacement, and lack of education are just some of the factors that contribute towards the recruitment of children to become child soldiers. Experts say, because children are so trusting, vulnerable, and often intimidated, they are easily manipulated and therefore very effective in the war. In combat, they have a tendency to be daring and persistent, particularly when under the influence of drugs, which they commonly are. Child combatants have been found on battlefields throughout history, dating back to Hitler Youth in...
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