Children of the Sea

Topics: Kill, Roger Michell, Haiti Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Rucherly Bonilla
Humanities English
“Children of the Sea”
In “Children of the Sea”, there is a lot of pain, suffering, mischief, and sometimes happiness. Throughout the story there are many internal and external conflicts. It has to do with a lot of mixed emotions and full of lessons learned, where a boy and a girl in love write letters to each other. The main conflict in this story has to do with the Militia’s and the Radio Six Youth Group. The Militia’s were people or soldiers who were trying to take over Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Radio Six Youth Group was young adults or teenagers who went against the Militia’s and expressed themselves through the radio. The boy in one of his letters he claimed that “It was nice to have a radio like that for a while, where we could talk about what we wanted from government, what we wanted for the future of our country.” He said this because he believed that the Macoutes were dirty mean people. Therefore the Macoutes did not like this and so they would kill anyone who was against them. In addition to this conflict, Madan Roger; Port-Au-Prince resident, the girls’ neighbor, had a son that was part of the Radio Six Youth Group. One day the Macoutes killed him and only returned his head to Madan Roger. Madan Roger was in so much agony, she was also very furious with those filthy Macoutes and so she started yelling mean and nasty things to them. The Macoutes had this thing to barge into people’s homes and make the mother and son, and the father and daughters have sexual intercourse. One afternoon the Macoutes went into Madan Rogers’ house looking for her son, but Madan Roger started yelling and screaming “You already killed him, do you want to kill him twice? Go ahead and kill me you already did the worst thing possible to me, kill me!” They started to pound on her, you can hear the guns coming down on her head, and Manman (The Mother) whispered to Papa (The Father) You can’t just let them kill her, go...
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