Children of Men Essay

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Essay Writing
Describe at least one idea that was worth learning about in the text(s). Explain why the idea was worth learning about in the text(s) as a whole, using examples of visual and/or oral language features to support your ideas.

* Must address the question
* Must have a them
* Must establish a line of argument (what literary features/film techniques, or main points are going to be expanded on in
your paragraph)

Introduction template (visual text)
In the film Children of mean directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the director explores subject (subject). [Briefly in a few sentences, outline your argument and indicate what main points/film techniques you are going to focus on in your body paragraphs]

In the film Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the director explores subject of hope. The protagonist Theo is initially without hope. He lives in London in the year 2027. No child has been born for eighteen years and society is in a state a decay. Theo gains hope when he learns that the character Kee is pregnant. As a result Theo is transformed into a man that genially cares for another human being. Cuaron conveys the idea that hope has the power to transform an individual. This idea was worth learning about because of despite of there surroundings, there is still hope.

Cuaron uses multiple different symbols throughout the symbolising multiple of things. Theo goes to collect the Transit papers from his brother so that Kee can get to the Tomorrow boat. As Theo sits down at the table about to have lunch with his brother, you see the wallpaper is a multi million dollar Pablo Picasso painting. This shows that something that was once worth millions and is now being used towards something much less ungrateful than it should be. This shows and creates an ironic image, what is represented in the painting is rife within the world Cuaron has created. On the left hand side of the painting, there is a woman crying holding a...
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