Children in Conflict to the Law

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I. Background of the Study

Nowadays, the problems of children in conflict with the law are difficult to prevent. Children in conflict with the law are the children below 18 years old. The government is doing their best to solve these problems that is why there are many institutions, rehabilitation center, drop-in centers that helps these children who are in conflict with the law. Under R.A. 9344 a child who is 15 years of age at the time of the commission of offense are exempted from criminal liability, however the child shall be subjected to an intervention program provided by local social welfare development office who will determine appropriate programs and consultation with the client and to person having custody of the child.

There are three types of delinquency: the first type is environment delinquent, they are usually occasional law breakers. The second type is emotionally maladjusted delinquents they are the type of offender that they could not avoid or escape from and the third type is the psychiatric delinquent related to serious emotional disturbances in the family or associated to mentally ill tendencies. Cited in Franciso Zulueta, Dolores Liwag “Social problems and Issues in the Philippines.

According to the researches there are many children who lived in conditions of poverty that undermine the functioning of protective social networks around them. In addition, there are also various factors that push children to commit acts that are in conflict with the law. Major factors are breakdown of families, inadequate parental supervision, economic hardships, lack of recreational services, harsh corporal punishment on children, peer influence, inadequate

educational system, sexual abuse and exploitation, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. Cited in Franciso Zulueta, Dolores Liwag “Social problems and Issues in the Philippines.

There are also mechanism and programs to prevent these issues on the CICL. One of the programs is the Individual Behavior Therapy (Martin and Pear, 1992) this program aims to change the environment wherein the behavior occurs another is the reinforcement ( O’Donnelle,1975) devised the “|Buddy system” wherein they trained adult volunteers and they were paired with young delinquents to reinforce socially acceptable behavior. The significance of these theories is a big help in preventing children in conflict with the law (1O Donnelle 1975)

According to Guevara juvenile crime is the term used to denote various offenses committed by children or youths under 18 years old such acts are referred as Juvenile delinquency.

In reality we can see that the children in conflict with the law continue to rise , as we saw in some news items that talks about a child or a youth commits crime. This is the observation made the researcher to think and to start asking questions in mind , why do these children commits such crime? What are the main factors that provoke a child to this kind of crime? And as a concerned citizen what are we supposed to do to prevent the rise of Children in conflict with the Law.

The role of the institutions, drop-in centers is to give its services in a way that the child who committed a crime is to be able to change their behavior. We can see the effectiveness of the intervention program given to the children in conflict with the law if after they have undergone the process of rehabilitation, the children will be able to change their lives and they can face their lives with more hope in the future.

The City government of Makati through the Makati Social Welfare Department (MSWD) continues to implement its Anti- Mendicancy and Anti-Vagrancy Operation in partnership with other government agencies which comprise the Anti-Vagrancy Task force such as different Police Community Precincts , Bantay Barangay, MAPSA, MADAC and other security forces. Created in October 2006, the task...
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