Children Excident

Topics: Microwave oven, Mother, Accident Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Parent should be blame for their children’s accident at home.
Parents are the person who is closed to their children. Besides that, if anything happen to their children, parents are the first person should be responsible. Therefore, parent should be blame for their children accident at home because of the parents’ irresponsibility and parents’ negligence.

To commence, parents irresponsible attitudes leads to children accident at home in terms of trusting their kids with dangerous items and not maintain the safety equipment properly. Some parents would simply allow their kids to cook or use any electrical appliances unsupervised. For example, a busy mother allows her kids to reheat yesterday’s pizza using a microwave oven. In addition to, other parents do not maintain the safety of the house. For illustration, the broken window is left unattended. In short, giving the children freedom to play with dangerous items and not providing a safe home attitude of irresponsible parents which can creates accidents among their kids.

Furthermore, negligence parents tend to cause children accident at home because of no attention and easily leave their children alone. Usually, parents will focus on their work without care of their surroundings. For instance, parent nowadays busy with a laptop while their children are playing dangerous items. Moreover, some parents are easily leaving their home with their children inside. For example, a mother go to market and left their children at home because it hard to bring them together. In a nutshell, an accident can happen because of negligence parent that no responsive and easily leave them alone at home.

As a conclusion, parents are responsible for their kid’s accident at home due to parents’ carelessness and parents irresponsibility. Parent should not easily give a freedom to children to play dangerous items. It is therefore recommended for all parents to beware and not easily give children touch any dangerous items...
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