Children Benefit Greatly from Sports

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  • Published : August 10, 2009
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English 215 Assignment
May 6, 2009


Children benefit greatly for participating in organized sports

The benefits of children participating in organized sports are extremely useful and thus should be of overriding concern to parents, guardians and authority. If the main incentive of organized sports is to increase physical activities and not merely provide some commercial benefits, then the benefits to children could range from healthy life styles and much more.

Participating in organized sports is a way of exercising, and exercising is way of enhancing the body physical wellbeing. There are many benefits to exercising, namely, healthy minds, self-esteem and healthy body, just to name a few. And for these perceived benefits to actualize, participation must be on a regular basis. Time was, during the early seventies, Physical education was an integral part of the curricula. Children were also active during recess periods. But with the advent of computer games and cable television, children have become more sedentary like never before. According to an anonymous article in the National Education Association Newspaper, only 29% percent of high school children take PE today, compared to 92% in 1991. (NEA) The question that remains, though, is why are parents and those concerned so indifferent about the issue? The lack of physical activity, which can be benefited through organized sports, caries with it several risk factors. In most children, the risk factor that is prevalent today is obesity. As society has gotten wealthier and food production aplenty, children are consuming more food then is the norm. Consequently, the cases of obesity have become not only a problem but also an epidemic. Other risk factors that are as equally alarming are blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and Type II diabetes. In spite of the above, Michael F. Bergeron believes a measurable prevention can be achieved through moderate or...
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