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Children at Risk

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  • April 2011
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Children 1 Children at risk
Marion Rockwell
English Composition 2
Mary Harmon
October 30, 2010

Children 2 Children at risk
Our children face many obstacles in their lives. One growing obstacle is childhood obesity. Statistics show that our children are at an increased risk because of our lifestyles, family history, and many other factors that all play a role in this epidemic. The statistics will show that one in every five children is obese, and these numbers continue to grow each year. Why does this epidemic seem to be growing and what can be done to get it under control? As the parents we need to be aware of the options and be a part of decreasing this epidemic and keeping the children healthy and happy. We need to help the children live healthier lives by promoting a healthier lifestyle with exercise, healthier eating habits and educating ourselves as well as the children better. The lessons the children learn now will improve their health in the years ahead. According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER) (1998-2010),” Childhood obesity is defined as a very serious medical condition that affects our young children as well as older ones. It is a condition that occurs when the child becomes heavier that what is classified as his or her normal weight for their age and height.” The more excess body weight the child carries the more problems this creates. This is a very serious epidemic because it can lead to other more serious health risks for the child. It has been found that there are some genetics and hormonal causes of childhood obesity, but most of the time it can be attributed to the child eating too much and exercising too little. Not all children are...

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