Children and Young Persons Workforce Nvq 2 Transitions

Topics: Sleep, Childhood, High school Pages: 3 (483 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Complete the table below, giving three examples of transitions that affect most children and young people and three examples of transitions that affect some children and young people. With all examples, show how the transition may affect their behaviour and development. (Ref 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)

|Transition experienced by SOME |Example of possible affect on children and young people’s | |children and young people: |behaviour and development | |1. Serious Illness |Serious illness can be a major issue in a young persons | | |development. Missing school means that the child will naturally| | |become more introverted and their social development will be | | |effected. This could in turn lead to problems with intellectual| | |development. | |2. Divorce |Divorce often is hardest on the children, during this time they| | |question if it is there fault and if they could have done | | |anything to stop it. They can become either very withdrawn, or | | |very clingy to one parent, or very aggressive and angry at the | | |situation. They often display attention seeking behaviour. | | |Intellectual and social development are hampered due to lack of| |...
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