Children and Young Peoples Workforce 45 1.1

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  • Published: May 21, 2013
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Children and young people workforce Diploma Level 3 by Emma Staynings

Unit 45 1.1

Human Rights Act.

Human rights act come into force in Britain in October 2000. This act is vital in protecting the fundamental freedoms of everyone in our society. As childminders we develop policies and procedures, we make sure fresh water is supplied and that we have a safe home environment, supplying healthy food and be a good role model for the children in our care. These rights are in place to protect both Parents and children, for example as a child minder if we know a child in our care is being abused or mistreated by their parents it is our duty to protect the child from any inhuman or degrading treatment.

United Nations convention on the rights of the child.

The convention on the rights of the child is the first legally binding international right to incorporate the full range of human rights-civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. These rights came about as world leaders decided that all children under the age of 18 needed special care and protection that adults don't need the rights and protection that adults don't need. The rights that all children have the rights to survive; to develop to the fullest and to protect from the harmful influences abuse and exploitation and to participate fully in family, culture and social life. The four core principles of the convention and non-discrimination. Devotion to the best interest of a child the rights to life; Survival and development; and respect for the views of the child. The convention protects the rights by setting standards in health care, eduction and legal,civil and social services. By agreeing to these rights as a child minder we are committing ourselves to protecting and ensuring the children in our care are safe, and look after the best interests of the child.

Children's Act 1989

The children’s act was passed in order to help children under the age of 19. These allow...
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