Children and Young People Development

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  • Published : November 23, 2012
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A pre-mature baby has delayed physical development as their bodies are smaller and often not as developed as a full term baby. Due to having to stay in special care baby units their emotional development can be affected as they can’t build bonds with parents and family members that healthy babies make due to staying in incubators and not being able to be cuddled or fed normally.

A disabled child (depending on disability) has their physical development affected by being in a wheelchair, being unable to walk properly or unaided as they can’t run, carry out simple daily tasks like washing, brushing teeth and getting dressed by themselves or playing physical games. Their language development can be affected if they are unable to speak properly which can cause behaviour problems. They can sometimes get frustrated at not being understood or being unable to get their point across as people cant understand what their saying so they sometimes have temper tantrums. This can lead to social problems as they may not want to socialise with people through fear of them not being understood. This can affect their emotional development as they can get upset about not having many friends due to being unable to communicate with them. Their intellectual development can be affected due to having to spend time off school to attend hospital appointments and recover from operations.

A child or young persons development can be affected by different factors in their background. Children or young people from single parent families with multiple children are more likely to act out for attention that they are not getting from their parent(s). This can cause other behaviour problems which can lead to academic problems like truancy. Children or young people from families that are working can have emotional and behaviour problems. This can be due to not spending much time with parents due to them being at work for long hours and not being able to build the bond with them that children...
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