Children and Singing

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  • Published : October 18, 2006
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Children enjoy singing. It allows them to relax and belt out a tune however they want. Children can become real imaginative and creative using different beats, words and pitches to make their own music. Whether it is singing in a high voice, fast, a low voice, or talking, they make it their own unique music. Everyone can sing, it depends on if one wants to believe they can or not. Show confidence when singing, learn the varying pitches that are used, and choose the appropriate song for one's age and range of difficulty. The best way for children to learn how to sing is for teachers to sing. Children are not going to learn how to sing in music class if the teacher is not confident enough to sing out in class. Confidence plays a big part in teaching children how to sing. There is nothing wrong with singing out in class. Some kids are afraid of singing, but most them do not care or even notice. To them singing is fun and it allows them to let loose and have a good time. When a teacher does not show confidence in her singing, the children are usually going to notice and sometimes hold back when they really want to belt out. `Ways to help bring out the confidence in oneself and the children is using a microphone. When learning a song place the microphone in front of the child and have them sing part of the song. Make sure every child has the opportunity to try and if they do not sing then do not give their part away. Give them sometime and they will loosen up and eventually sing. By praising them with positive instead of negative comments, will help in boosting their confidence and participate in front of the class. Also, teach them about their speaking voice and singing voice and the differences between them. There is a difference between one's speaking and singing voice. Play around with what your voice can do by talking in a high pitch voice, a very deep voice, talking like one normally does, or whispering to the children. Most individuals...
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