Children and Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Obesity Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Running Head: Children and Obesity

Children and Obesity
Angelica Alvarado
BSHS 361
University of Phoenix
Children and Obesity
There are many learned behaviors to pass on to our children. Most parents focus on teaching our children to walk, speak, read, manners, sharing and being respectful to others. We forget the important task of teaching the value of eating. Now in days advertisement of candy, soda, sweeten cereal and even energy drinks have played a big part in our children’s education towards food. Fast food such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box and others, have become our quick meal for the day to our children. We are preoccupied to live a fast live and forget about feeding our children good nutritious foods that will help their growth. Parents need to establish healthy eating habits and incorporate exercise at a child’s early age, failure to do so will lead them to overeating, unhealthy eating and lack of activity throughout life and this will become a repeating pattern.

When we think of unhealthy foods we think of chips, soda, candy, or chocolate and assume it is the number one cause for children’s obesity. We might even say, “NO” to our children when they ask to purchase these items. The reason: to try and prevent obesity in our children. We forget about the fast food unhealthy meals we buy instead. Because it may be more convenient at times. But where do we get these ideas as consumers that these are well balanced meals? On television, all well advertised places that include “Kids Meals”.

One reason that fallows a child obesity may be due to parents feeding them more than what they need to eat. For instance feeding them a big amount of food and making them eat the whole thing. Kids are only supposed to eat a little, because their stomach is small. Yet some people don’t understand and give their kids a plate full of unhealthy food, which becomes problem. Not eating healthy and not being able...
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