Children and Electronic Media

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  • Published : November 13, 2006
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We now live in a society that it is acceptable for children to dress more provocatively, date at much younger ages and commit much more violent acts (i.e. Columbine HS in Columbine, CO). Why is that this is happening? I strongly agree with Professor Adu – Gyamfi's statement in Lesson Three, "electronic media is corrupting the minds of children in today's society by exposing them to the same life experiences as adults" (Adu – Gyamfi Lesson 3). Why are the parents not controlling what these children are watching on television better? When going out to the mall it is common for people to notice another person of the opposite sex passing by that they think is cute. Today though we need to be much more careful when doing this since you never know if some of these people are eighteen, sixteen, or even twelve. With what some of the teens are wearing out in public it is sickening I must say. I realize you can't blame the parents for this totally since, some of the teens leave the house in one outfit but, change once the parents are out of sight. In today's society advertisements with models in less clothing on television gives these teens and younger children the idea that it is alright to dress in this manner. I have also notice that dating is starting to occur at much younger ages. It is not uncommon to hear a third grader talk about his or her girlfriend or boyfriend. Television sitcoms are having characters date and perform intimate acts such as holding hands or kissing at younger ages. Teens are starting to have sex at earlier ages. With this you also see an increase in teen pregnancies. When will it stop? Parents need to educate their children better in this area so they don't put themselves into positions. That way we don't have children having children. We also have children in society committing more violent acts due to what they see on television. Some cartoons portray to children that you can get shot by a gun and then heal without medical attention and go on...
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