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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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4 Aesthetic Domain Activites

1.Creative Arts
Caterpillar Magnet ( young children and toddlers)

Goal 1: -Read “ The Hungry Caterpillar”, understanding of caterpillars.

Materials: wooden clothespin, magnets strips, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom-poms in variety of colors.

Procedure: Glue a magnet strip onto the back of a hinged clothespin. Bend a pipe cleaner in a V-shape for antenna, then glue it and googly eyes to a craft pom-pom. Glue that pom-pom to the front of the clothespin (where it opens). Attach several other brightly colored pom-poms along the rest of the clothespin for the body.

Simplify: Have the clothespin and magnet already attached to each other and have the little kids glue the pompoms and antenna.

Extend: Have the children recap the story with their little caterpillar.

Marching Band ( young children and toddlers)

Goal 2: Instrumental Learning

Materials: small boxes(oatmeal boxes) , tape, cooking pan, wooden spoon, wire coat hanger, string, metal spoon, tissue box, rubber bands, beans or rice, plastic bottles, bells, chenille stem, jar lids,wooden dowels.

Procedure:BONGO DRUM – Tape together two empty circular oatmeal boxes and beat with your hands. BASE DRUM – Turn a cooking pan over and beat on the bottom of it with a wooden spoon. TRIANGLE – Tie a string around the top of a wire coat hanger and bend the hook closed. Hold onto the string and hit the hanger with a metal spoon. GUITAR – Wrap rubber bands around a small sturdy topless box. Play by strumming your fingers across the rubber bands. SHAKERS – Place rice or beans inside small plastic bottles or cups with lids. Secure the lids with tape if necessary. WRIST BELLS – String three or four bells onto a chenille stem. Twist the ends together to form a bracelet. FINGER CYMBALS – Punch two holes in two identical small jar lids. Then poke a small chenille stem through the holes and twist to make finger handles. Child puts one on each pointer finger...
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