Children's Rights

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  • Published : January 3, 2009
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*** Children's Rights.***
A child is any human being below the age of 18 years, unless under the law, majority is attained earlier. Additionally, rights are what they deserve and what they should have in their life. Types of rights.

Rights include civil, cultural, economic, social and political rights. They can be categorized into three groups: Provision – Children have the right to live and grow in an adequate standard of living, home health care, services, to play, a balanced diet, education and access to schooling. Primary and secondary schooling should be free. Protection – This is the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination including the right for safe children's environments and a constructive child rearing behaviour. Children have to be protected from child labour which is hazardous to the child's health and it can prevent him/her from going to school. All work is prohibited for children under 12. No child can be tortured or other cruel treatment. Parenting: Children should be supplied with benefits provided by the relationships and upbringing by their parents. If things go wrong, the government must interfere to protect the child from parental abuse and neglect. Participation – Children have the right to participate in communities. This includes children's involvement in libraries and community programs and allow children to be decision-makers.

All the world's countries except for Somalia in Africa and USA have pledged to follow the convention.

The 8 Millennium goals.
In 2000, the leaders of the countries agreed on the Millennium Declaration. They set up 8 goals to be achieved by 2015. This is the chance for the world to become a better place. Extreme poverty and hunger must be halved.

Universal primary education must be achieved
Girls and women must be educated and empowered.
Child mortality must be reduced by 2/3.
Maternal mortality ratio must be reduced by ¾.
The spread of HIV/ Aids and Malaria...
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