Children's Food and Nutrition

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Task 1: Food and Nutrition

Advertising and children’s food choices.
Critically analyse the issue of advertising and children’s food choices.

Children’s food choices can be influenced by a variety of factors. Such as, family, community, culture, advertising, media and government. These factors can affect how healthy or unhealthy a child’s diet is.

Family, Community and Culture
Family plays a big role in the influence of child’s food choices. A nuclear family is more likely to have proper home cooked meals the majority of the time, as they have two people to cook. They would also be able to afford more food or better quality food as they have two incomes. A busy family may have more quick-n-easy meals as they are always busy and in a rush. Quick-n-easy meals aren’t very nutritional and isn’t a good diet, especially for kids. Sole parents struggle financially and time wise, which makes it difficult to make nutritional home cooked meals all the time. If you throw how and what kind of food is advertised, mostly on television, it makes it harder for parents to give their child nutritional food choices. Unhealthy food, such as lollies and snacks, are being advertised at certain times of the day, luring kids in with latest trends (e.g Dora the explorer, Ben 10). They package there foods with these to catch the interest of children and persuade them to think they want whatever unhealthy food is being advertised. They try to make their products seem appealing as possible. A child’s food choices would also depend on how convenient is it to get it, how much it costs and health concerns.

Culture also plays a big part in a child’s food choices. Depending on ones culture, it can determine what a person does or doesn’t eat, when a person eats, what kind of food they eat during a certain meal, how long a person can or can’t eat for, and a lot more. A child’s food choices can be influenced also by where you live. For example, Hindus do not eat beef, some Jewish...
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