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Children's Families in Observations

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Children's Families in Observations

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K4D872 How to involve children's families in observations and assessments and acquiring background information, such as ethnically specific medical conditions By involving children in assessments gives them a sense of being involved in their learning experience rather than just being automat in what they are being instructed to do. Once they understand that what they are doing is being assessed it will then encourage them to do better and as such increase their ability. By keeping families involved also encourages them to have an active part within the Childs education and gives the setting the chance to promote the child’s education actively to the parents It’s important to involve children in our observations and assessments because it’s important that I listen to what they have to say and find out about their interests, dislikes and views. Assessments are made after analysing all the information taken by observations and by discussions with the children then planning the Childs next steps of development can be done. Family’s involvement is also important as we can learn a lot about the child from the parents, they can tell us what they like to doing at home, this is very helpful information as it gives us a wider picture of the Childs capabilities. By involving colleagues and other agencies for e.g. speech therapists can help us to gather important information that we may have missed and in turn this will give a better understand of the Childs needs, development and next steps.

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